I'm currently living in Cambridge, UK.

My past work and interests leads me to work on various projects: the Linux kernel, OpenMosix, Xen, XenServer, XenClient, Qemu, Bank trading application (Haskell), various cryptographic projects.

More recently, I've been contracting through Typed IO and I've been involved in many different projects involving cryptography, security and engineering:

  • Privacy enhanced e-mail with mediation
  • Network traffic analysis in haskell
  • Homomorphic and Database encryption in haskell
  • Zero Knowledge Proofs in haskell
  • Cryptography & Security audits
  • Cryptocurrencies wallet clients and blockchain servers


Find my personal opensource projects on:


Papers on oxenstored, a functional database replacement for xen co-written with Thomas Gazagnaire and presented at ICFP 2009. oxenstored.pdf.

Also some miscellaneous items:

Dan Boneh's cryptography I course certification


My contact email address is zzztab AT snarc.org (remove the zzz prefix)

You can also find me here: